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Plugin Timeout

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The timeout plugin can be used to make sure a connection is only open as long as there is data beeing sent or received. You can define the time the connection may be open until it will be closed by the software. As some hosts may have difficulties with connections that simply close the connection this plugin allows you to define a graceful logout command.

The timeout will be reset every time something happens and after a disconnection and reconnect it will start again automatically.

To use the plugin put it in your plugin list, preferrably between the Plugin Terminal and the Plugin Telnet or Plugin SSH.

Timeout.secondsThe seconds the connection may be open without data transmitted between client and server.
Timeout.commandThe graceful logout command to be used to close the connection from server side. You may want to use "logout" or "exit" for most UNIX systems. Make sure you put a newline (\n) at the end.
Example: Timeout.command=logout\n
Timeout.warningA warning message to be displayed on screen to tell the user that his connection will be closed. Not implemented yet.
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